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Metal Casting is a method of manufacturing of metal products of various shapes and sizes,  involves the melting and solidification process in which molten metal is poured into a mold and allowed to cool to ambient temperature. To ensure proper flow of the metal into the mold cavities, during metal casting process, heat transfer and molten metal flow are very important considerations. We incorporate fundamental procedures and techniques to produce the metal parts of complex shapes to conform to the quality standards.

The various types of castings which are produced are stainless steels, ferrous and non ferrous, aluminium alloy, graded cast iron, ductile iron, spheroidal graphite iron etc for application in a utomobiles, railways, pumps, valves and compressors, internal and external combustion engines, cement/electrical/textile machinery, aero & sanitary pipes & fittings, and  castings for special applications. Indian Casting industry has an edge over other nations for producing intricate and complex machined and precision castings as per international quality standards
" SRY Castings Private Limited provides the timely Delivery of products with Quality to meet our customer requirements, whose performance and appearance are in accordance with our best practices of high manufacturing standards "

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